When Life becomes Unfair

Last night a close friend of mine asked me to help her about her home work. She needed a hand in creating an essay about a thing that symbolizes her mother. This Friend is my elementary and high school buddy who is so close to me. She lost her parents because of a tragedy in a boat that caused her to stand alone in life.

I wanted to share  to you the essay I made for her :


” My Candle Light

Back then all I knew my future was fine. I have my mom , dad and brothers. My family was one of a kind. I feel special every time I’m with them.More so I’m the only girl with my only elderly brother.   All I know everything was perfect and happy. Suddenly an incident happen in my life. That would lead my life to turn around.
My mom is the candle of my life. She has been my constant light . My light when at night I’m afraid to sleep because of the dark. She will be there to embrace me and put me to sleep. But that fire in the candle has  been the reason for me to lose her . Our boat sank in the middle of an ocean and I’m the only one who survived. Truly that fire in the candle has been my turning point.
I lost everything . My father ,my mother and  my relatives . God has a purpose why he allow that fire to changed my life. This candle reminds me that in this dark world full of chaos and bad things ,my mom remains to be my candle light in the dark.   Whenever I  would see a candle its my mom who always comes to my mind.
My mom who has been giving me light in this world. That despite of anything here on earth , my mom is praying for me up there . She will be my forever inspiration that despite of any dark moments, I could still rejoice for she is my candle light.
My last candle lightning would always be the best memory for me and my mom. I have to light up a candle every time I miss her.  Now this candle means so much because its my mom’s symbol of love for me. This candle is my mom who will always be the light in my darkest.”

I witness her low and high lights in this world. I just have to thank God for this friend of mine, whatever wherever life would bring you; we need to be more stronger than ever. It’s hard to lose a relative or  friend what more a parents we have in this world.

So for my friend if you came across this post , I hope you’ll find peace and embrace from our dearest comforter Jesus Christ. They said if you lose your earthly father here on earth it’s the Father in Heaven that would father you in this world. I will keep praying for you, no matter what I’m trusting God . For He has a purpose for you in this world.

Take Heart my dear for the Lord our God is with us always.






Brave heart

Brave Heart

it’s been a year God granted me another chance to live my life here on earth. If I can still remember last year in the 3rd week of June I experienced a severe tonsillitis and an abnormal heart beat. Later did I know that I was experiencing a heart attack that time in my school.  During class hours I was still active then ,  participating in my class but seriously my  heart beat is really fast. I approach a friend to accompany me in the  university clinic and the head nurse was very alarmed in my condition. He told me to see a doctor on that very same day but because the university doctor was not around my choice was to see our family doctor. To cut the long story short the tonsillitis that I’ve experienced trigger for a Rheumatic Heart Problem. I undergone thru many test just to confirm my heart problem, that time I am in the middle of an ocean deep experienced . There are many things coming in my mind like I didn’t know if I’m still going to have a normal life because having a rheumatic heart requires for a monthly injection of penicillin , am I going to die and if we can afford the entire expenses. At that point all I can do was  to pray and surrender things   in the Lord.

That very same week during our Sunday worship service there was this song sung that totally  began  my hearts prayer to the Lord

. As it says in one of its lyrics

“You are the strength of my life Lord, It doesn’t matter what may come my way. I’m holding on to you “

was it very timely in my situation?  I can’t control but  to cry it out, holding my heart claiming it’s the Lord that will hold my heart and be in control for the upcoming result of my hospital test to found  out if  I’ll be required of injections or medicine.  All I’ve done was pray, seek God, surrender things and ask prayers from my Faith Group . I even told God that  if you will permit this trials to come can you make me brave as I face it.  Knowing he is sovereign and in control of my life , when the result came out the next morning  my doctor happily told me that the result was very close but God is good because the result shows only a point saves me from the injection required. Thankfully God is at work, I can’t believe a point one saves everything, by oral medicines healing will be done.

Before I close my eyes that night I talked  to God, I thanked Him for being faithful to me , for keeping His promises alive in my heart , choosing me to experienced  trials that makes my heart to turn to Him and  be brave in facing challenges and asking Him to reveal  what he wants me to learn from the situation.

I was reminded in

Joshua 1:9

“I’ve commanded you to be STRONG and BRAVE. Don’t ever be afraid or discouraged!  I am the Lord  your God , and I will be there to help you wherever you will go. “

Today God reminded  me how wonderful His plans in my life.  I am thankful to celebrate my life anniversary and adding more love was celebrating it  with my Faith Group family. If you will ask  Faith Group is a Group of people formed for life strengthening that is rooted in God. We shared our life victories and struggles together and seeing how God  continuously work  in our lives.  They are my prayer partners who stood beside me in my low lights and my cheerers in my high lights. Without  the support of my family , friends ,SquidGoals, church family and faith groups maybe I will missed what God has for me. It is my prayer that somehow in your life this post revealed something to you about who  God is . How God perform miracles ,blessings   and this  brave heart that I have  in facing  things is all because of His Grace alone.  Let us continue glorifying God in our own little ways.

God Bless!

Devoted to Jesus “DJ”

Having friends in your life makes you thankful from the Lord.  Friend/s that gives encouragement , helps you to know the Lord more , being there beside you in times of need and most of all a friend that is devoted to Jesus.

In my  life I have lots of friends  most of them are from my school ,church, family and relatives . Having such them around helps me to pursue my self before the Lord even more. Years ago , I prayed to the Lord asking  for help as I enter college. Back then I was a high school graduating student,that time I was nervous how am I going to face and handle  college challenges. At  that time we(family) where still at our former church, I joined a so called D-group  there we  study God’s word ,meet friends ,being open to each other , face life challenges with God and treat each other as a family .

As I enjoy having D-group the Lord provided me friends that  helped  me to calm and prepare my self as I enter college.They have been such a big help for me in adjusting my life as a college student.



family in christ

family in christ

Inside that D-group I met this girl that have become my super friend and my college accountability partner .

11061333_416921405142549_3184848242243074957_n We became friends for the long run and until now. Even though were not at the same church right now , what important is the friendship and love that we have for each other. We still continue to hang out and exchange words of encouragement every time we don’t feel things out.

our college bonding time together

our college bonding time together

Few weeks ago ,she celebrated her 18th birthday in advance but her real birthday is today! I am very thankful that I was there to witness her day becoming a true Lady . We spent together preparing for her party that night and it was really a memorable day for the both of us.

all set for the party

all set for the party

fixing our hair and make up
fixing our hair and make

I praise God for her life because in so many ways the Lord used and continue to use this friend of mine in my life. She help me to figure things out and pursue  my relationship with the Lord more despite of many circumstances. Our lives maybe different but our hearts are One in Christ. I’m very blessed to have such a friend like Dee that devotes  herself to Jesus.Even though we are still students that does not give excuse not to serve the Lord.11890005_841743315939098_6712399904331269794_o 12032672_841728519273911_1287960549477848952_o 12010628_841743009272462_149878117654283125_o


And to the girl celebrating her day …. As our D-group leader achi  describe you as a girl ” Devoted to Jesus” may you experience the love of God everyday. I knew that the Lord God has used you greatly to encourage and inspire people around ,brighten up their face by your sweet smile and comfort them with your warm embrace. You’ve remained a true friend all the while for all of us.  Happy Birthday Dee !

Surrender it to Me

Months ago while I am having my quiet time with the Lord , He reminded me about what my heart desires for. At that time my heart desires is to pass the qualifying exam in my school. The qualifying exam is the key for me know if I will be promoted to second year and continue my studies at the same course .

I told the Lord that my heart is longing to pass this exam and the Lord spoke to me that very same time to Surrender it to Him. At first ,I hesitate because I know that I can do it to pass but the Lord revealed  to me that in my own self  and strength I cannot make it to pass unless I totally surrender it on His hand. In the bible it says in 1 Peter 5:7 “Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you”. It says here that if we have anxiety in our minds, worries in our heart and even situations in life that we cannot handle there is this GOD who cares for us. Willingly offers Him self to leave all your worries unto Him. Isn’t that so sweet ?

 As I passed by this verse it really convince me to surrender the result of my exam  in hands of God, I end up that night with a prayer of surrendering my  desires and leave everything in God’s will. By God’s grace the result went out and thankfully I passed the exam. At this moment  I am enjoying  the half of my first semester as second year college student. Without God and if I don’t surrender my self that time to Him ,11816983_495484577281474_5875310191903618424_n maybe I’m not in this stage of my life right now.

Spiritual Birthday

Coming from the family that honors God in every ways, serve Him with our entire life and live as His chosen ones. My parents serves as a servant in the kingdom of God for more than 25 years until now. They help together in the ministry and touched many souls.
I must admit that when I was born in this world my mom and dad are currently active pastoring a church.So I grew up spending my childhood life in church,going to mission trips, exposed to different kinds of people, involved in mission exposures, pastoral meetings and seminars.
Even though I came from a christian family , there is also a piece in my head asking my self who is Jesus in my life.
I remember my mom back then, she would ask me “where is Jesus? ” and I will answer back “Inside my heart”.

As I grew more and came to a point of age that I can understand things around my dad started sharing the gospel to me together with my mom. August 25,2009 I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and savior. That day marks that I am given eternal life by the grace of God alone.

Last week is my spiritual birthday and being a part of that celebration
I decided to close my facebook for a week. At first I knew in my heart that I can’t survive living with no social media but by God’s grace I was able to survive. Every time I am tempted opening my social accounts I always bare in my mind , why not to take more time in prayer with the Lord. That whole week I pray for a specific prayer request that soon I’ll be sharing to you in God’s perfect time .

Celebrating such milestone in my life, the Lord continues to reign in heart for more than six years now. I’m looking forward to what God has for me this year, how He’s gonna turn my life upside-down and most of all how He’s gonna hold my heart as I face challenges and test of faith.

1 Peter 1:3 New International Version (NIV)

” Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead,”