Share What Matters , Giving When It Matters Most



Years ago , there was a girl who  loves to play with her dolls , kitchen toys , sing songs and most of all read her books  before bed time. Truly a graceful and loving child, until one day she asked his dad if she can play outside there garden with her toys and his dad said “Sweetheart, remember we just got home from the hospital, they checked your body using those huge cameras and they found out there was this black big worm who gets inside your body who happens to eat all your good soldiers inside. You have to help us fight that black big worm first, before you can play outside.” The little girl replied “But dad how can I remove that black big worm? I want to keep my good soldiers inside my body because they protect me.” The dad carried the girl outside going to the balcony where they both sat facing each other, then his dad began to talk to the girl over there favorite strawberry ice cream along aside, for her to fight the black big worm they need to find someone who can share a white big worm for her because it is the only one who can eat the black big worm. They end there ice cream talk with a promise that both of them will pray to Abba for someone who has this white big worm to help them.


The next day early in the morning while his dad was fixing his car, someone tapped his shoulders; the dad looked upon the face and did not recognize who is the old lady in a white dress. The dad asked what the lady is up to from tapping his shoulder and the old lady answered “I came here to ask for a glass of water? I’m thirsty and tired.” Immediately the dad gets inside the house for a glass of water until the old lady said upon giving the water “You have a good heart young man, Abba answered your prayer. Get inside the room of your son, awaken him from his sleep and ask him about a dream. He is the one Abba gave for your sick baby”

So the dad rushed himself to the room and saw his son sleeping, he immediately awaken his son and asked “Bary my son, Do you have a dream today?” his son answered “yes dad I did, I dreamed something about a friend whom I am sharing my blood in the hospital. I saw my face very worried and a question in my mind if after that I will die, but on that dream I saw you coming to me holding my hand and I feel safe dad.” His dad cried and kneel facing to his son saying “Bary  remember yesterday you are playing outside the garden while me and your sister Cali was eating ice cream ? The super-doctors saw a black worm inside your sister’s body who eats all her  good body soldiers ,they need someone who has a mighty  white big worm to help her not be eaten by those black worms and the good thing is that you have those strong mighty white worms.” Bary was thinking if he does have those white worms he has to help her sister Cali. So he seated on the floor with his  dad and uttered “ Dad  I love my sister so much ,in my dreams I saw myself sharing my blood and I was afraid but you are there to hold my hand . So now it’s also about sharing my white big worm to Cali, I won’t be afraid because I know you are there to keep me safe.”


Three months later Cali is now playing outside the garden with Bary and eating ice cream with their dad.  Cali is now free from her sickness and Bary has been the way for that operation and the dad has been the guide all the way. We shouldn’t be afraid to share what we are capable of sharing, remember someone even offer his own life just for us. The love He had shown through the cross (Calvary (Cali-Bary) was like Bary who offered his life to give meaning to someone’s life. He(Jesus) knew what  to happen next and because he was assured that someone will keep him safe which is his dad (Father God) so he allow that blood to spill in his body, It’s hard and painful but in the end Jesus won the victory for you and me !


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