My Dead Nerves

 Weeks ago I was having a bad time with my Gums, I thought it’s just a normal gum problem because I have very sensitive gums. I told my parents how painful the Gums were and they adviced me to see my dentist. All my life I’ve never been brought to a hospital for confinement until now by God’s grace. As I see my doctor , she told me that there was a certain part of my gums that were swollen and had bruises . She did x-ray twice for my gums to see the reason of those swollen parts. After several tests the reason of the pain was dead nerves in my teeth. The only way to cure the pain is to undergo RC or as they call it “Root Canal”.18554824_1535262136497546_505203072_n

 I was on my panic mode hearing I’m in for an operation, and then I was reminded by this verse in Psalm that says

“Commit everything you do to the LORD. Trust him, and he will help you.”

 Hearing the word RC I was so scared. Sitting in the dental chair getting ready for my operation, I set my heart upon God knowing He is in-charge of everything. Because I don’t have any companion rather than myself I asked God to hold my hands while the operation is ongoing. Thank God! San Buena Dental Care has the best doctors and assistants. I felt little nervous but because my doctor explained everything to me and calmed me, everything went well and beautiful. Just like Jesus who cares for His children’s need, He used many people to be instruments and channels of His good deeds.

18553010_1535260119831081_605754660_o I want you to meet the woman behind my successful operation Doctor Lei Antoine Abrecea of San Buena Dental Care; she has been taking care of my teeth and my dad as well. From the very start SBDC has been the one taking care of our family’s dental needs. Special thanks to the beautiful person behind all blessings and favor in our family, Doctor Dior SanBuenaventura Santos. If you want to experience having a smile like a beauty queen visit them18575747_1535259956497764_1631927642_o

at UG 17City Land Tower Shaw Mandaluyong City, at the back of Shang-ri-la La Place.

18516798_1535260783164348_875063464_oAfter the operation I asked God what he wanted to tell me to undergo such operation. He impressed to me the three roots that have to be cut down. The dead nerves represent the pain in our lives. Just like how the RC operation went , many times they had to put many needles that can cause you pain that allows them to give you anesthesia. After all the pain, the doctor will clean all the roots make sure no bacteria are left in the canals and then put a cement to cover the holes of the canals. Just like in real life application , putting anesthesia is the time you surrender all your grudges in the hands of God . What I’ve learned is that if you surrender your dead nerves or your troubles and pain in the Lord, He will be the doctor to heal every nerve. He cleans the intention of our hearts . Covers the canal with undeserved grace and lavished with water of love. In the end, God puts Victory over everything. Now no more pain because I learned to Trust In His Heart more than most….18553067_1535260356497724_1615337369_o



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