Meet me in Bataan


Holy week is almost over and now its time for us to explore. Fewer people around the beach  , no crowded places and no heavy traffic is always what we look forward during travels like these . Every summer we took a relaxing  day to unwind. Last year we explore Ilocos and Baguio so this time we are in Bataan.

Bataan was fully known for it’s contribution in our Philippine history but we didn’t get the chance to go from those historical sites in Bataan. There were only two destinations we got to visit from our one day tour in  Bataan.CIMG0975

  1. Vietnamese Food House

The Famous Loleng’s Hutieu-An .


Hutieu-An in Filipino is  mami noodle soup according to my grandmother who is a  Vietnamese.

We ordered there famous Banh Mi

A traditional vietnamese sandwich.


And the Best seller Hutieu Beef and Chicken special.


The Food was a blast. Very delicious and affordable for all types of people.The service was good we only waited 5-10 minutes for the food to be served. With a very friendly space for everyone inside the store. Here are some photos I got to take.

2.  Juness Beach Resort


This is where we almost stayed the whole day. Juness was located at  Morong Bataan. With the help of online road maps we were able to get there with no problems. The resort would be highly recommended. The beach  is so clean and  the sands were all good. Even the beach itself has nothing to  worry  about because the sea has no rocks or shells under it.  The shower room worked well for everyone. The resort has a big beach space were kids can run , build sand castles and play around. They also have one big pool.

Looking at the horizon of the sky , I can’t imagine how wonderful God has created all for us. I tend to sit beside the shore and just take a deep breath. Acknowledging how amazing our creator. His creation speaks clearly  of Him. The unconditional love he has for us.CIMG1070

Given the chance to refresh and unwind allows me to see God in a deeper manner. He always causes things according to His Glory !






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