Let It Be



My mind contains some questions. Wherein there are thoughts that   I want to know; the purpose of every pain, the goal of each challenges and the reason for every trials. I want to know everything that is going on in my life. I want to know where things will bring me and where am I heading too. Why such pain keeps visiting my life; questions me every time. Looking for answers, I put everything on my hand just to answer all my questions, but I was wrong after all.

I took a break from everything , I set my heart on  God alone  during those days I don’t feel any better good in my life .  In the middle of life’s testing of faith and struggles I choose to find Jesus in my dark moments and low lights.

I asked God to remove my pain many times but GRACE Is all I need. I kept reminding myself that His ways are higher than my own. That there are things and struggles happening , I may not find a concrete answer or explanation from Him  but soon I will understand His own reason for allowing things as it be.

In life He allows us to suffer for us to learn to depend on Him more.  To seek Him in spirit and truth. So that His Glory and name will be lifted up. The greatest pains can be our stepping stone for His greater calling. We may not find any reason to be thankful in the midst of the storms we must rejoice in all circumstances. One day ,all these mess will turn out  to be God’s masterpiece.


Today I’m learning to let things as it is. I found myself not to question His ways. Not to question all the pain inside. Resist  the enemy of  doubt .    Instead I  learned  to be still in Him. I Learn  to trust God in all things. Allow Him to move over my life, correct my heart, realign my inner thoughts and restore my faith.  I’m learning to thank Him in all hardships and testing for I know someday it can benefit others. Encourage someone who will undergo the same as mine makes all the difference .

Every day I face things as what God wants.  Believing that He is the one in-charge over my pain to make me COMPLETE . For I choose to STEADY  my heart in unison to the beat of His .  Able to stand STRONG  in my faith knowing  His  better plans for me.  And as He keeps moving the mountains of my life I found a FIRM foundation in Him.


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