letter to self

Dear self,

I know how much you are feeling right now. I may not be able to choose the right words to describe my feelings now for you know what my heart cries out. He is silent in this season but holds on and takes heart. You never know how and what tomorrow will bring you to His destined plans. Right now, set your heart align to Him and let your heart rest on His constant plans. You may never know and understand things that are happening but keep trusting Him. You may wonder why no one notices your pain and your struggles but there is a big God who knows every single detail. No needs to use many highfalutin words just to impress anyone, for you are to impress the only one true king of your life.

There are people you choose to love but not in return. They may hurt you and fail your expectations but one thing remains because the Love of God for you remains constant through trial and change.

Right now you chose to pause and see who the real ones to stay are. You expect them to run after you but you see yourself running after God. For you are created after Gods own heart not to anyone else.

Almost every day you learn the true essence of praying; not to ask God to bless your human plans but to allow Him   lay down His plans over your life. Accept that things may not materialize according to your own will but God alone.

Two things to my dear self: never expect because it will only cause you inner hurts.  Never bring jealousy in your mind for it is the tool of the enemy to disturb you and delay the things God has set for you.

At this point in time wait patiently, watch diligently and continue seeking the Lord’s will in your life.

Don’t be depressing. Don’t be jealous. Don’t stress yourself to those people.

Before you encourage someone you must be encouraged by God using your trials and struggles to be an effective tool to others in His Kingdom.

In the end of the day I will continue proclaiming that you are my good, good Abba Father in heaven.

Audrey you are worth every tear and scar even when you feel you’re not, you are made beautiful in my eyes. Keep that in your HEART. –Abba Father

1 peter 5:1-11

1Church leaders, I am writing to encourage you. I too am a leader, as well as a witness to Christ’s suffering, and I will share in his glory when it is shown to us.

2 Just as shepherds watch over their sheep, you must watch over everyone God has placed in your care. Do it willingly in order to please God, and not simply because you think you must. Let it be something you want it do, instead of something you do merely to make money.

3Don‘t be bossy to those people who are in your care, but set an example for them.

4 Then when Christ the Chief Shepered returns, you will be given a crown that will never lose its glory.

5 all of you young people should obey your elders. In fact, everyone should be humble toward everyone else. The scripture say,

“God opposes proud people, but he helps everyone who is humble.”

6 Be humble in the presence of God’s mighty power, and he will honor you when the time comes.

7God cares for you, so turn all your worries over to him.

8 Be on your guard and stay awake. Your enemy, the devil, is like a roaring lion, sneaking around to find someone to attack.


9 But you must resist the devil and stay strong in your faith. You know that all over the world the Lords followers are suffering just as you are.

10 But God shows undeserved kindness to everyone. That’s why he appointed Christ Jesus to choose you to share in his eternal glory. You will suffer for a while, but God will make you complete, steady, strong, and firm.

11 God will be in control forever! Amen.


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