When Life becomes Unfair

Last night a close friend of mine asked me to help her about her home work. She needed a hand in creating an essay about a thing that symbolizes her mother. This Friend is my elementary and high school buddy who is so close to me. She lost her parents because of a tragedy in a boat that caused her to stand alone in life.

I wanted to share  to you the essay I made for her :


” My Candle Light

Back then all I knew my future was fine. I have my mom , dad and brothers. My family was one of a kind. I feel special every time I’m with them.More so I’m the only girl with my only elderly brother.   All I know everything was perfect and happy. Suddenly an incident happen in my life. That would lead my life to turn around.
My mom is the candle of my life. She has been my constant light . My light when at night I’m afraid to sleep because of the dark. She will be there to embrace me and put me to sleep. But that fire in the candle has  been the reason for me to lose her . Our boat sank in the middle of an ocean and I’m the only one who survived. Truly that fire in the candle has been my turning point.
I lost everything . My father ,my mother and  my relatives . God has a purpose why he allow that fire to changed my life. This candle reminds me that in this dark world full of chaos and bad things ,my mom remains to be my candle light in the dark.   Whenever I  would see a candle its my mom who always comes to my mind.
My mom who has been giving me light in this world. That despite of anything here on earth , my mom is praying for me up there . She will be my forever inspiration that despite of any dark moments, I could still rejoice for she is my candle light.
My last candle lightning would always be the best memory for me and my mom. I have to light up a candle every time I miss her.  Now this candle means so much because its my mom’s symbol of love for me. This candle is my mom who will always be the light in my darkest.”

I witness her low and high lights in this world. I just have to thank God for this friend of mine, whatever wherever life would bring you; we need to be more stronger than ever. It’s hard to lose a relative or  friend what more a parents we have in this world.

So for my friend if you came across this post , I hope you’ll find peace and embrace from our dearest comforter Jesus Christ. They said if you lose your earthly father here on earth it’s the Father in Heaven that would father you in this world. I will keep praying for you, no matter what I’m trusting God . For He has a purpose for you in this world.

Take Heart my dear for the Lord our God is with us always.







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