Brave heart

Brave Heart

it’s been a year God granted me another chance to live my life here on earth. If I can still remember last year in the 3rd week of June I experienced a severe tonsillitis and an abnormal heart beat. Later did I know that I was experiencing a heart attack that time in my school.  During class hours I was still active then ,  participating in my class but seriously my  heart beat is really fast. I approach a friend to accompany me in the  university clinic and the head nurse was very alarmed in my condition. He told me to see a doctor on that very same day but because the university doctor was not around my choice was to see our family doctor. To cut the long story short the tonsillitis that I’ve experienced trigger for a Rheumatic Heart Problem. I undergone thru many test just to confirm my heart problem, that time I am in the middle of an ocean deep experienced . There are many things coming in my mind like I didn’t know if I’m still going to have a normal life because having a rheumatic heart requires for a monthly injection of penicillin , am I going to die and if we can afford the entire expenses. At that point all I can do was  to pray and surrender things   in the Lord.

That very same week during our Sunday worship service there was this song sung that totally  began  my hearts prayer to the Lord

. As it says in one of its lyrics

“You are the strength of my life Lord, It doesn’t matter what may come my way. I’m holding on to you “

was it very timely in my situation?  I can’t control but  to cry it out, holding my heart claiming it’s the Lord that will hold my heart and be in control for the upcoming result of my hospital test to found  out if  I’ll be required of injections or medicine.  All I’ve done was pray, seek God, surrender things and ask prayers from my Faith Group . I even told God that  if you will permit this trials to come can you make me brave as I face it.  Knowing he is sovereign and in control of my life , when the result came out the next morning  my doctor happily told me that the result was very close but God is good because the result shows only a point saves me from the injection required. Thankfully God is at work, I can’t believe a point one saves everything, by oral medicines healing will be done.

Before I close my eyes that night I talked  to God, I thanked Him for being faithful to me , for keeping His promises alive in my heart , choosing me to experienced  trials that makes my heart to turn to Him and  be brave in facing challenges and asking Him to reveal  what he wants me to learn from the situation.

I was reminded in

Joshua 1:9

“I’ve commanded you to be STRONG and BRAVE. Don’t ever be afraid or discouraged!  I am the Lord  your God , and I will be there to help you wherever you will go. “

Today God reminded  me how wonderful His plans in my life.  I am thankful to celebrate my life anniversary and adding more love was celebrating it  with my Faith Group family. If you will ask  Faith Group is a Group of people formed for life strengthening that is rooted in God. We shared our life victories and struggles together and seeing how God  continuously work  in our lives.  They are my prayer partners who stood beside me in my low lights and my cheerers in my high lights. Without  the support of my family , friends ,SquidGoals, church family and faith groups maybe I will missed what God has for me. It is my prayer that somehow in your life this post revealed something to you about who  God is . How God perform miracles ,blessings   and this  brave heart that I have  in facing  things is all because of His Grace alone.  Let us continue glorifying God in our own little ways.

God Bless!


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