Devoted to Jesus “DJ”

Having friends in your life makes you thankful from the Lord.  Friend/s that gives encouragement , helps you to know the Lord more , being there beside you in times of need and most of all a friend that is devoted to Jesus.

In my  life I have lots of friends  most of them are from my school ,church, family and relatives . Having such them around helps me to pursue my self before the Lord even more. Years ago , I prayed to the Lord asking  for help as I enter college. Back then I was a high school graduating student,that time I was nervous how am I going to face and handle  college challenges. At  that time we(family) where still at our former church, I joined a so called D-group  there we  study God’s word ,meet friends ,being open to each other , face life challenges with God and treat each other as a family .

As I enjoy having D-group the Lord provided me friends that  helped  me to calm and prepare my self as I enter college.They have been such a big help for me in adjusting my life as a college student.



family in christ

family in christ

Inside that D-group I met this girl that have become my super friend and my college accountability partner .

11061333_416921405142549_3184848242243074957_n We became friends for the long run and until now. Even though were not at the same church right now , what important is the friendship and love that we have for each other. We still continue to hang out and exchange words of encouragement every time we don’t feel things out.

our college bonding time together

our college bonding time together

Few weeks ago ,she celebrated her 18th birthday in advance but her real birthday is today! I am very thankful that I was there to witness her day becoming a true Lady . We spent together preparing for her party that night and it was really a memorable day for the both of us.

all set for the party

all set for the party

fixing our hair and make up
fixing our hair and make

I praise God for her life because in so many ways the Lord used and continue to use this friend of mine in my life. She help me to figure things out and pursue  my relationship with the Lord more despite of many circumstances. Our lives maybe different but our hearts are One in Christ. I’m very blessed to have such a friend like Dee that devotes  herself to Jesus.Even though we are still students that does not give excuse not to serve the Lord.11890005_841743315939098_6712399904331269794_o 12032672_841728519273911_1287960549477848952_o 12010628_841743009272462_149878117654283125_o


And to the girl celebrating her day …. As our D-group leader achi  describe you as a girl ” Devoted to Jesus” may you experience the love of God everyday. I knew that the Lord God has used you greatly to encourage and inspire people around ,brighten up their face by your sweet smile and comfort them with your warm embrace. You’ve remained a true friend all the while for all of us.  Happy Birthday Dee !


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