Surrender it to Me

Months ago while I am having my quiet time with the Lord , He reminded me about what my heart desires for. At that time my heart desires is to pass the qualifying exam in my school. The qualifying exam is the key for me know if I will be promoted to second year and continue my studies at the same course .

I told the Lord that my heart is longing to pass this exam and the Lord spoke to me that very same time to Surrender it to Him. At first ,I hesitate because I know that I can do it to pass but the Lord revealed  to me that in my own self  and strength I cannot make it to pass unless I totally surrender it on His hand. In the bible it says in 1 Peter 5:7 “Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you”. It says here that if we have anxiety in our minds, worries in our heart and even situations in life that we cannot handle there is this GOD who cares for us. Willingly offers Him self to leave all your worries unto Him. Isn’t that so sweet ?

 As I passed by this verse it really convince me to surrender the result of my exam  in hands of God, I end up that night with a prayer of surrendering my  desires and leave everything in God’s will. By God’s grace the result went out and thankfully I passed the exam. At this moment  I am enjoying  the half of my first semester as second year college student. Without God and if I don’t surrender my self that time to Him ,11816983_495484577281474_5875310191903618424_n maybe I’m not in this stage of my life right now.


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